’In his book “Find Your Why”, Simon Sinek states beautifully that our purpose is “not a statement about who we aspire to be; it expresses who we are when we are at our natural best.” The encapsulates in one perfect statement another core of many spiritual traditions – we already are our purpose. It’s inside of us from the day we are born. It’s our unique spark signature that we brought to the earth, and when that spark is tended it becomes its own special flame.

If Divine Intelligence mad each one of us just a little different, then the greatest adventure in life would be an experiment with ourselves to see what we could do with this thing that is within us.

Ernest Holmes

Stoking that spark into a flame and maintaining that flame brings fulfillment to our lives. It’s our essential divinity, and our greatest potential. You may see glimpses of it now and then. We also know the pain of falling short of it. Living in a state where we’re constantly falling short of our divine potential is in a word hell. If we live in this place for too long, we become a dark void.

However, when we tend to our spark and let it become a flame we glow. Almost literally. Have you met someone who is fulling embracing their passion? Bring that person to mind and think about how that person appears to you. What words come up – perhaps radiant, beaming, shining. It’s often words that express profound luminescence and it seems to well up from the inside out.

While other sparks may be similar, no one has your unique spark. We all have our special light that brings forth a special kind of luminescence to the world. While our light illuminates us from the inside out, feeding our passion and inspiration, if well-tended it also shines forth and illuminates others as well. Our spark is not only a gift to us, when it burns brightly it is a gift to others as well. Providing them a beacon and illuminating a path for them.

What happens when you have several flames come together? They are capable of creating a full-fledged fire; maybe even a bonfire. Our fires are meant to merge and meld together, and when they do it creates one of the most powerful forces on earth.

This is why I love that Simon Sinek always says your purpose is a statement that represents the contribution you make to the lives of others, and the impact of your contribution. Your purpose isn’t just about you, it’s about how you want to show up in this earth and the way that influences everything around you. How you go about doing that will be different in different aspects of your life and in different phases of your life. Don’t worry about how your purposes shows up, just focus on constantly aligning to your purpose and the how will take care of itself

We are meant to discover and share our gifts; spiritual evolution for humanity is a collective proposition.

Mark Thurston, PhD

Being in this space is heaven – it’s our Garden of Eden. Eden isn’t a physical place; it’s a mindset and we can choose to be in it by tending to what fills us up. The root of the Hebrew word Eden is delight. However, it is clearly not a place full of passing fancies that bring us pleasure for a moment. It’s a state where your feel filled to the brim – until your light overflows and touches all those around you. It arises when everything in our life (our action, words, thoughts, etc.) is aligned, and we are at one with who we were born to be and are living it every day.

However, in Hebrew the word delight and delicate have the same root. Reminding us that we can easily slip out of this state. A stray thought or word can create misalignment and pull us of this state at any moment. The fact that it is delicate makes it a treasure and reminds us to respect our spark. Treat it with reverence, knowing it is your divinity, your soul and the essence of you, and that it has the power to bring great light or destruction depending on how you choose to use it. We all have an individual responsibility each day to choose wisely which path we’ll take.

Meditating on Your Spark

As Mark Thurston states in his book , “self reflection is more power than self analysis”.  Spend time getting familiar with your spark – what makes you unique. Make space in your day to reflect on what you learn about it, so you know how best to tend it – what feeds it, what smothers it. It will take a lot of reflecting and noticing to get to really know your spark. Make time to take note in your day.

When you  have a clearer understanding of what your spark and how it thrives, make a solemn vow to do more of what feeds it and move away from what smothers it. Most importantly, trust that you know you. Listen to your intuition and do what fills you up and makes you glow. By committing to this, your example encourages and inspires others to do the same. Remember, collective we can either brighten the world up or burn it down.