My Journey

My road to a dedicated meditation practice is a long and windy one – full of detours, miss steps and false starts. I was introduced to meditation by my parents as a pre-teen. I struggled with migraines then and found meditation was a great way to help me control the pain. Overtime, I started to realize how it could assist me in gaining perspective and clarity on my life during times when I was full of anxiety and stress, and there was no shortage of that while I worked my way through university and a budding career.

Though I knew my mental and physical well-being were intimately linked, it took years for me to actually put my knowledge into regular practice. As Jonathan Fields says, I was always coming to meditation ‘on my knees’. I’d wait until my life was crashing down on me before re-starting my practice, but once the storm clouds had passed I’d leave it again.

 It wasn’t until I had my son that it finally started to stick. I had returned to work and was struggling mightily with my balance between mom and working professional. The roles always seemed so at odds with each other, and I was deeply questioning the path I was one. One day I was at a mentoring meeting with a student, and after some discuss on life and career she offhandedly remarked that I ‘had it all together’. The comment rocked me. I felt very far from having it all together.

Though I had all the outward trappings of an amazing life – the kid, husband, career, nice house, etc – I felt like I was at war with myself. I didn’t want to be ungrateful, but I couldn’t ignore that there was a hole in my life that was not being filled by stuff and career. But what was the way forward? I couldn’t drop everything and just walk away, I had responsibilities.

This is when I came back to meditation. Through regular and dogged practice, I worked through things, and gained clarity and perspective on myself and my life in a way that very few experiences can provide. I was able to understand better what I had to contribute to the world and how I wanted to show up in it. I began to realize how critical it was for me to show up fully and authentically if I was going to be there for those who needed me most.

Potential actually is everywhere when you just show up for life.

After coming to this realization, I started to ask myself ‘what would this world be like if we all lived and showed up as the best and most full version of ourselves every day?’ This has led me on a journey culminating in the creation of Potential Actually. It is the beginning of my contribution to a better world. One where everyone reconnects and nurtures their most authentic self, to realize their own potential and prosper with a purpose. I focus on using the vehicles of meditation and personal coaching to support and guide people through their own personal journey of self discovery, to ignite their passions, and help them achieve more than they dreamed was possible with, what Mary Oliver calls, ‘this one wild and precious life’.

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